Literacy Information and Research

The Australian Early Development Index

Community measure of young children’s development.

American library Association

Initiatives and information relating to early literacy and the every child ready to read strategy

National Literacy trust (UK)

The National Literacy Trust is an independent UK charity dedicated to raising literacy standards. For all age groups.

Zero to Three (US)

A wealth of information, devoted to the healthy development of infants and toddlers.

The child literacy centre (UK)

Written in clear and understandable language for families. Includes tips and skills.

A parent’s guide to emergent literacy (US)

Easy to read tips from birth to 5 years, from the Pasadena Public Library

Get ready to read (US)

An initiative to build the early literacy skills of preschool-age children. The initiative provides an easy-to-administer, research-based screening tool to early childhood educators, child care providers, and parents in order to help them prepare all children to learn to read and write.

A program of the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

Website has literacy checklists for the home, activity cards for parents under the menu Get Going and a useful section of links under Get Informed.

Westmead Children’s Hospital - fact sheets (Australia)

Fact sheets for parents including some on eyes and ears. Look particularly for Language development: the Early years in the Face, Mouth and Speech section.

Brain Development

Jack P Shonkoff Presentation

"In brief: The Science of Early Brain development", Harvard University.

Find a clear and factual presentation on the importance of early brain development and relationships here:

Brain hero is also a very dynamic presentation:

The Centre for the Developing Child at Harvard University is at the forefront of early childhood research.