Activity 3.4

mother and child

Musical Instruments

Listening to songs, while playing musical instruments will help your toddler hear the sounds in the songs. This is another way for them to develop the skills they’ll need when it comes time to learn to read.

Playing musical instruments can help other areas of early literacy development. Using hands to shake, bang or tap an instrument builds up hand muscles for reading and writing. Blowing into instruments builds up mouth muscles for talking.

Sitting on the floor is a good space for your toddler to play music.

Lots of musical instruments can be made from things you find in a kitchen. Try:

  • Using a wooden spoon and a saucepan as a drum
  • Tying a string to the handle of a saucepan lid suspending it and using 2 spoons as a drum
  • Two saucepans lids, as cymbals
  • A colander and a metal spoon
  • Different sized plastic containers and a wooden spoon
  • Blowing through a funnel
  • Blowing through an empty kitchen wrap tube
  • Putting some dried pasta or coins into a ceramic or metal bowl or saucepan, your toddler can stir them a spoon to make a tinkling sound
  • Other things around the house can be used too. Try:
  • Wobbling cardboard sheets
  • Rubbing 2 sheets of sandpaper together
  • Making shakers
    Musical Shaker Download PDF (356Kb)