Activity 6.4


Behind, above, beneath, between, over, under, below: Words that describe locations are useful for your child at this stage. Try:

  • Playing ‘Simon Says’ with lots of actions using locations.¬†Example: ‘Jump forward’, ‘Clap your hands behind your back’, ‘Stand between the kitchen and your bedroom’
  • Playing hide and seek with your child’s toy; give your child clues to find the toy using location words
  • Putting on some music and ask your child to dance to your instructions. Use location words.¬†Example: ‘Move your arms up and down’, ‘Put your hands over your head’, ‘Wriggle your fingers between your knees’
  • Making a map of your child’s bedroom together
  • Looking for your street on a map. Find where your home is and the location of relatives’ and friends’ homes, your child’s school, the shops and the park. Talk about where they are in relation to each other using location words