Activity 6.5


Numbers and amounts

There are many different forms of numbers that your child will be exploring at school, such as measurement, area and sequence.

To build your child’s skills, try:

  • Asking your child to set the table for mealtime. You could try setting one place as a model for them to follow. Your child can count the number of cups, plates, cutlery and serviettes needed for the family. Talk about sizes – does Daddy have a bigger or smaller plate than your child’s?
  • Serving a tiny amount for your child at dinner time and ask them if that is enough? Hopefully they’ll let you know it’s not and you can talk about quantities
  • Cooking a recipe together and have your child measure out the ingredients. This might be an opportunity to talk about ‘more’ or ‘less’
  • Playing with cups and other containers in the bath. Try talking about whether the container is full, empty or half full
  • Singing number rhymes together
    Number Rhymes Download PDF (369Kb)