Activity 6.7

car games

Car trip games

Trips in the car can be a great opportunity to play some games. It might even make the trip go faster. Most of these games can be played on the bus too, especially the quieter ones. Try:

  • Making up words to a familiar song
    Example: ‘Row, row, row your boat’ can be turned into ‘Row, row, row your car, lets wish upon a star’. If you get good at this, try making up a song about where you’re going.
    Example: ‘We’re off the park, we’ll meet a dog who’ll bark
  • Playing ‘Rhyme Time’. You say a word and ask your child to think of a word to rhyme with it. This can get quite tricky as your child gets better at it – the rhyming words don’t need to be real words
    Example: Find words to rhyme with: Tomato Jam, Tricky Licking, Donald Driving
  • Asking your child to find a sign starting with a letter of the alphabet that they know.
  • Finding a numberplate and reading out the sounds of the letters. Ask your child to think of words that start with those letter sounds.
    Example: A numberplate with WMM in it could be ‘Wombats Make Music’
  • Playing the first 2 seconds of the beginning of a well-known nursery rhyme on a CD, then press the ‘Pause’ button. Ask your child to name the song. For more of a challenge, see if your child can finish the rest of the song on their own. Or try humming the tunes and ask your child to guess the name of the song
  • Playing ‘Travel Bingo’
    Travel Bingo Download PDF (269Kb), and Bingo card Download PDF (578Kb)
  • Playing ‘Animal noises’: Say the name of an animal in the way the animal would voice it. For instance, when you say the word “bear,” make your voice roar or growl as you say it, “turkey” would sound gobbled and “duck” would sound quacked. Ask your child to copy your sounds. Think of some more noises or ask your child to think of some. Try saying your child’s name with each animal voice.
  • Playing ‘I’m Thinking of an Animal’: Think of an animal and ask your child to guess what is by asking up to ten ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. If your child guesses correctly in ten questions or fewer, they get to think of the next animal. If not, you reveal the answer and then think of another animal. You could also play this game with things and places
  • Naming a colour and asking your child to find something of the same colour.
    Example: when you call out “green”, your child might find grass or a green car
  • Making up a silly sound effect for each thing you see and say it each time you pass one.
    Example: the sound for red cars could be “beep-beep” and the sound for yellow trucks “honk honk.” You could add animal sounds for animals, “knock-knock” for houses, “ker-ching” for shops