Your toddler is now imitating language, with some words sounding like real words. They are starting to recognize and copy the rhythms, tones, and facial expressions of language.

Rhyming, singing, dancing and playing musical instruments have been used by many cultures in the past and continue to do so today.

  • Sing songs with your toddler that you remember from your childhood.
  • Sing songs in languages other than English that you know.

To learn more songs and rhymes, good places to try are:

  • Attending the Baby Rhyme Time sessions at your local library (most libraries have them during school terms). While you’re there, ask the librarian where to find rhyming stories and CDs to borrow.
  • Attending Playgroup – ask your local council for information about where to find them. They’re a great place for children to play and learn social skills while parents and caregivers can socialise and support each other.