child scribbling

Further information

Children need to be physically ready before they can write.

To be ready to write, children need to have steady and stable hands, with strong muscles in their hands and wrists. Their hands need to be flexible and have good sensory awareness.

At 3 years old, your child’s whole body movements like sitting and walking are more stable and their hand and arm movements are steadier too. This is the time for getting hands and fingers ready for writing.

Holding a pencil is quite a hard skill. If a child is made to ‘write’ too early, without building up their muscles and flexibility first, they may develop problems with holding their pencil and struggle at school.

Just like walking, children will be ready to hold their pencil at different ages. The more variety of activities to strengthen and control their muscles that children do, especially if they are having fun doing the activities, the easier it will be to do in their own time.