child reading

Further information

One of the most useful things you can do to prepare your child for reading is to develop their love of reading.

If your child is interested in and enjoys reading books with you, they are more likely to want to learn to read and the more they want to learn to read, the better readers they will become. Try:

  • Reading to your child regularly – research shows us that children who are read to regularly have a greater interest in books
  • Making reading time enjoyable – choose a comfortable place and share a cuddle while reading just looking at the pictures or trying again later when your child is more interested
  • Choosing suitable books
    Make your own books Download PDF (1.1Mb)
  • Having books that your child can look at whenever they like
  • Letting your child see that you enjoy reading

If you’re just starting to read with your child, have a look at the 1 year module ‘under “reading”‘ for some good ideas for introducing reading.